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Here you will find a variety of products and services for which CLC has negotiated discounted pricing on behalf of our members. Typical offerings include reference materials, locally published books and media, library-related software and equipment, conference admission, and much more.

For questions about any of the offers outlined below, please contact CLC at or 860.344.8777.



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 Nutmeg book award logo

Nutmeg Nominees - Need a quick and easy way to order your 2015 Nutmeg books? CLC can help! We have prepared a list of all 2015 Nutmeg books, with pricing for all of our contracted suppliers in each of the formats they offer.  

Download the price list (Excel)

Questions? Contact Pam Najarian at or 860.344.8777 x106.



Packtite bedbug treatmentPackTite™ bedbug treatment device - CLC members receive a 25% discount ($80.00) off of PackTite™ heating units.

PackTite™ is a safe, non-chemical way to treat items for bedbugs. PackTite™ gently and thoroughly heats items to a temperature that is proven to kill all stages of bedbugs. Simply place items to be treated inside the unit and set the desired time and temperature (guidelines included). PackTite™ is suitable for books, CDs, DVDs, puppets and stuffed animals, tote and storage bags, pillows, certain toys and craft supplies, and much more. The unit measures 36L x 19W x 24H and can be compacted down for convenient storage. For more information, visit

How to order: Order directly from and enter the CLC coupon code at checkout. To obtain the coupon code, visit CLC's members-only discount page (CLC username/password required) or email Connie Sear at



Periodical Subscription Services - CLC member libraries can choose from two excellent offers for periodical subscription services - one from WT Cox Subscriptions, and one from EBSCO Information Services, Inc.

Pricing for Subscription Services:

K-12 Schools (public & private) 12-18% off publisher list 12-18% off publisher list
Public Libraries 4-15% discount 4-15% discount
Community Colleges 5% discount to 4% service charge 5% discount to 5% service charge
Private Academic 5% discount to 4% service charge 5% discount to 5% service charge
State University Libraries 2% discount to 4% service charge 2% discount to 5% service charge
Special Libraries 4% discount to 3% service charge 4% discount to 5% service charge


To receive a quote, choose one or both vendors and send them a list of titles to which your library subscribes. Both vendors can accept lists from current renewal forms, old invoices, spreadsheets, word documents, PDF files, etc. Pricing will fall into the ranges above or better depending upon your list of titles. The pricing structure libraries receive will remain firm throughout the contract term.

Vendor Contact Info:



Scholastic's ScienceFlix, BookFlix, TrueFlix, FreedomFlix, GO Package

Introducing Scholastic ScienceFlix, plus additional Grolier digital products for Spring 2014!

CLC is thrilled to announce the lowest introductory price in the country on Scholastic's new ScienceFlix for grades 5-9, as well as deep discounts on other Flix titles and Grolier Digital products for Spring 2014! Order by July 28!

Twice Three times each year, CLC presents school* and public libraries with a group purchase/renewal opportunity that provides deeply discounted pricing on the following popular resources from Scholastic:

  • ScienceFlix NEW! - for grades 5-9. View Flyer  
  • TrueFlix - for grades 3-6. View Brochure
  • FreedomFlix - for grades 4 and up. View Brochure
  • BookFlix - for grades PreK-3. *NOTE: Discounts for public libraries only.  View Flyer
  • Scholastic GO - for all ages/grades. Newly-expanded collection with 8 resources to serve your entire district or community! View Brochure
    Includes the following: 
    General knowledge: 
    Encyclopedia Americana (high/college/adult), Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (middle/high), La Nueva Enciclopedia (middle/high), New Book of Knowledge (elementary/middle)
    Social Studies: Lands and Peoples (middle/high),
    America the Beautiful (elementary/middle)
    Science: New Book of Popular Science (middle/high),
    Amazing Animals (elementary)

Important details:

  • Current subscription opportunity! Order by July 28 for prompt start date. Subscription runs August 1, 2014 – July 31, 2015.
  • CLC now has 3 annually renewing subscription groups. The fall group renews in October, the spring group renews in February. The NEW summer group will renew in July each year.
  • CLC members may join any group during its renewal period providing they are new subscribers (not currently subscribing to the products). Current CLC group subscribers may add products at renewal time.
  • Special pricing for CLC members only is heavily discounted.
  • Convenient billing through CLC.
  • Additional discounts when you order more than one product.
  • Current Subscription periods:
    November 1, 2013 - October 31, 2014
    March 1, 2014 – February 28, 2015
    August 1, 2014 - July 31, 2015 (enrolling now!)
  • Free Trials - see product web sites (linked above) for details, or contact Connie Sear at CLC (see below) or Paul Davis at Scholastic, 800-963-2665 or 
  • Pricing/Orders/Questions - Contact Connie Sear at CLC for a quote: or 860.344.8777 x104. Pricing available to school/public libraries that are current CLC members.  


Simmons College GSLIS logoSimmons GSLIS Continuing Education Programs - As part of CLC's partnership with Simmons GSLIS Continuing Education, staff of CLC member libraries are  now eligible for a discount on Simmons GSLIS Continuing Education opportunities, both online and on-campus!

The Simmons GSLIS Continuing Education program offers more than 70 workshops a year in several different formats: half-day or full-day workshops onsite at the Simmons GSLIS campuses, and fully asynchronous online workshops that run for a month or 6 weeks. View the complete course catalog.
CLC Member Price:

  • $220 for a $275 6-week online workshop
  • $200 for a $250 month-long online workshop
  • $175 for a $220 full-day on-site Saturday workshop
  • $125 for a $160 ½-day on-site Saturday workshop

To register for a course at the CLC rate, contact for instructions.



TumbleBook ProductsTumbleBooks logo

TumbleBooks is now offering CLC member schools and public libraries a 20% discount on the following products:

  • TumbleBook Library - The original!  This online collection of animated, talking picture books teaches kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to favorite picture books.

  • TumbleBook Cloud - An online collection of ebooks and read-along chapter books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books, with unlimited access from any device with an internet connection. 
  • AudioBookCloud - for public libraries and high schools. An online collection of streaming audio books gives with unlimited users and no holds.

Additional discount offered for multiple branch libraries and schools in same district (town).

Offer good through December 31, 2014. Contact Connie Sear at for a price quote.



Turnitin logoTurnitin for Schools - CLC has once again negotiated deeply discounted pricing for Turnitin®, the leader in originality checking and plagiarism prevention. If your school currently subscribes to Turnitin® and your subscription is up for renewal, or if you're considering subscribing to Turnitin® for the first time, you can take advantage of the member discount by renewing/subscribing through us. The ordering deadline is Monday, June 2. Current subscriptions through CLC will expire June 30.
Thanks to our ongoing cooperative purchasing agreement with Turnitin®, you can be assured that CLC members will once again receive the lowest price available in Connecticut for 2014-2015. Only current CLC member schools are eligible to subscribe through this offer. 

If you've never subscribed to Turnitin before, you can try it free through June 30! 
CONTACT CLC BY MONDAY, JUNE 2 - We'd love to help you save!
Quotes, questions, and free trial access:
Pam Najarian, or 860.344.8777 x106

Learn more about Turnitin at



ZappBug OvenZappBug Oven bedbug treatment device - CLC members receive a 30% discount on ZappBug Oven heating units. Offer includes free shipping and a free book treatment rack.

ZappBug uses no hazardous chemicals or pesticides. Instead, ZappBug uses only heat, which is the deadliest enemy of bed bugs. Simply set up ZappBug, load with items and press "on." The included timer automatically shuts off ZappBug when the heat treatment cycle is done. A wireless digital thermometer ensures that temperatures reach above 120°F. ZappBug folds to 4 inches thick for convenient storage. Dimensions: 28” x 39.5” x 39.5”. This large capacity makes ZappBug suitable for furniture items such as chairs and ottomans, as well as books, papers/files, pillows, electronics and more. For more information, visit or download a flyer. PDF icon

Pricing/How to order: Order via email with CLC coupon code. For pricing, specific ordering instructions and the coupon code, visit CLC's members-only discount page (CLC username/password required) or email Connie Sear at





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